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undoubtedly, you wondered about plumcot Fruit , You know, those tasty fruits that mix plums and apricots? mOREOVER, how people came up with this yummy treat! Curious?

Stick around to find out when, how, and what folks did to make the awesome plumcot.🍑🍇

SO, Let me break it down nice and easy.

Plumcots and pluots are sweet summer fruits that are crosses between plums and apricots. not only A Pcots is more like a plum, but also a pluot is more like an apricot.

how  pluot is made

How pluot is made , Credit to plantura garden

as well as that, These hybrid fruits have the best qualities of both parents.furthermore, Plumcots and pluots have a soft, juicy texture and intense aromas.also, They taste very sweet with low acidity – nothing sour or tangy.

Although pcots and pluots look alike on the outside, their flesh differs in color. Pcots have deep orange or reddish insides like plums. Pluots are more pale yellow or white within like apricots.

The easiest way to remember? Plumcots are more plum, while pluots are more apricot.

They’re only fresh for a short time, so enjoy these hybrid fruits when you can.

Stay alert!

it should be noted , I’ll switch out “plumcot” for “P-cots” (lol). After reviewing the article, I realized I used “plumcot” a lot. Sorry for any confusion, guys!

firstly, Pcots are a tropical flavor explosion! Their juicy flesh tastes so decadently sweet and lush, like biting into honeyed mango and orange nectar. Bright summer in every bite.

secondly,Pluots have a sweetly-tart thing going on – all floral apricot zing mingling with plum’s rich depth.also A bright pop of paradise for your tastebuds! Sheer yogurt-dipped bliss.

You can eat pcots and pluots fresh, undoubtedly. But they also bake up delectably in tarts, crumbles and jams.

how plumcot is made

Credit to plantura garden

When can I eat plumcots and pluots?

early summer without a doubt is the best time. These special plums mixed with apricot fruits show up for only a short while each year.

what month do plumcot ripen?

Your nose knows, so Take a sniff and let that sweet, seductive, juicy plumcot aroma reel you in. Then gently squeeze – ripe plumcots should feel just slightly pliable. Bring it home and take a taste of paradise!

How do I know it’s ready to eat?

The month of June is when some plumcots and pluots first become ripe. But July and August are really the peak months. This is when most types of plumcots and pluots taste their absolute best and have the juiciest flavor.

Black Nectar plumcot.

Black Nectar plumcot. Credit to melissas

last chance to eat one ?

unquestionably September is the end of the season. Try to buy p-cots and pluots before then because soon they will be gone again! Stores will no longer sell them until next summer season.

not only froghollow and similar stores provide a selection of fresh, organic fruits. but also you can pre-order, so ,you can guarantee that this summer you’ll be indulging in delicious p-cots, leaving nothing to chance.

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Nope! P-cots came about the good old-fashioned way – by crossing two fruits from the same family.indeed No funny lab business going on with these sweet hybrid babies. They’re 100% natural!

So, I got all the scoop on these varieties from Heb, and they break it down into two time slots: early summer and late summer. Cool, right?

early summer plumcots

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late summer plumcots

[wptb id=6937]

Q: Can I grow plumcots in containers on my patio / pot ?

A: Yep, p-cots can without a doubt grow in pots! Get a half-size plumcot tree or shrub at the nursery and plant it in rich potting mix.also, Make sure your container gets lots of sunlight all day. Just water it regularly so its roots don’t dry out and your potted plumcot will give fruits!

Q: Do plumcot seeds from a fruit become new plumcot plants?

A: Nope, not only, p-cot seeds clearly won’t sprout and grow new plumcot plants, but also they inherit traits from 2 parents making offspring different. Graft cuttings from existing p-cot trees to get exact yummy copies.

Q: What do hybrid plumcots get from their apricot parent?

A: From apricot side, p-cots gain pretty orange shades in skin or flesh and their sweet-tart refreshing taste. Vibrant color and tropical flavors come from those apricots!

Q: Are plumcots suitable for people with diabetes?

A: Yes indeed! Despite being sweet, plumcots have healthy sugars that won’t spike blood like processed stuff. Just stick to a couple per day if you have diabetes.

Black Nectar plumcot. Credit to jessica marx photography

Q: Are plumcots man-made GMO fruits?

A: Nah, plumcots developed the classic way – by crossing plum and apricot flowers! No sci-fi lab involvement here. Perfectly natural fruits with the best of both parents.

Q: What is a green plumcot? How is it different?

A: Green plumcots have a more sour, crisp taste thanks to hybridization with a greengage plum. They’re a unique tart twist on plumcots! Try them for tangy plumcot pies or compotes.

Q: Does a Spring Satin plumcot need a specific season for growth?

A: Nope, Spring Satin plumcots get their name due to ripening earlier than regular plumcots! These special farmers market treats are ready by late June at the start of the season.

Q: What variety has red and yellow speckles – is that the Speckled plumcot?

A: Good guess, but speckled plumcots actually refer to the Dinosaur Egg cultivar! It’s dotted with unique markings resembling dino eggs. And it tastes crazy tropical and sweet too.

Q: Do Fireglow plumcots actually glow fire red? What’s the story?

A: You got it! The Fireglow variety has intensely blazing scarlet skin and flesh for an awesome visual effect. They also possess extreme juiciness and rich sweet flavor. A showstopper!

Q: What nutrients and vitamins are inside plumcots for good health?

A: Plumcots give tons of vitamin A and C plus iron, fiber, potassium…a true superfruit! Their antioxidant levels help lower risk for some illnesses too. The perfect tasty and nutritious bite!

Q: Can dogs gobble up plumcots too?

A: Sure can! Plumcots are safe for pups to eat up in moderation. Just beware the pit inside those fruits – make sure pooches don’t choke! Pit-free plumcot slices are doggie heaven.