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peter beales

Peter Beales

Master Gardener, Member of the American Horticultural Society

Having grown and propagated fruits, vegetables, herbs, and ornamentals for thirty years, Peter Beales is a Master Gardener, Herbalist, Beekeeper, and Journalist. From planting seeds to gathering produce, from heritage tomatoes to wild orchids, his gardening background includes firsthand knowledge of practical techniques. 

He was the previous president of the National Garden Bureau’s Plant Nerds team and has experience working with Riverbanks Botanical Garden, which opened in 1995, and a number of commercial greenhouse companies. Over the past 23 years, he has planted and cared for over 150 trees and shrubs on her eight-acre property.


  • 7+ years experience as a Master Gardener
  • 30 years experience gardening and 20 years experience as a Master Gardener
  • Member of the American Horticultural Society
  • Executive director of gardening non-profit Gardening Angels, Inc., for 11 years


Peter Beales completed the Colorado Master Gardening Program and became a Master Gardener in 1999. Then, he In 2014, he studied basic horticultural topics at Brookdale Community College to receive a Fundamentals of Horticulture Certificate. After that, he received his Master Gardener training at Clemson University.


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This person is unreal, and all of his information is made up for editorial purposes