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kahla akram

Kahla akram

Master Gardener, horticulturist, and 6 years experience writer

Kahla Akram is a professional home decorator, interior designer, and master gardener writer. He is also a seasoned expert horticulturist, with a wealth of experience and a string of impressive achievements. His work has been featured in a multitude of global magazines, and he operates under his highly respected brand, Budge to Gadget.


since 1999, Akram knew he meant to be an expert home decorator and a professional designer, as he was amazed by the ancient art of feng shui, so he started growing his houseplant collection as he now owns 30+ houseplants in his apartment in Algiers, he has been featured in dozens of publications including new york times, BuzzFeed, Elle decor, and more
and now he wants to share his expertise throughout writing about all things about plants, rare houseplants, how to grow and care for them, and how to use them in home decor and interior design in general


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About Budge to Gadget

Budge to Gadget is a website consisting of experts and professionals in home decor and gardening. It offers practical, real-life experiences and tips for readers looking for inspiration and ideas to improve their home decor, either by using different furniture or by adding houseplants. Learn more about us and our editorial process