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About Us

Who we are

Budge to Gadget is a trustworthy authority brand that was launched in 2023 in Annaba, Algeria, as a garden and home decor by Kahla Akram; here, we offer practical, real-life tips and inspiration to help you decorate your home in the best way possible in a plant-themed way from decorating to gardening advice, budge to Gadget can show you how
we want to help many readers every year to find the information, ideas, and inspirations to update their home decor using houseplants
for us, the Budge to Gadget brand is one of the top 10 most extensive garden and home decor blogs, and we want to be one of the top authoritative trustworthy blogs in home decor
our expert writers, authors, fact-checkers, and freelance writers will be chosen carefully, especially when it comes to their backgrounds and expertise in home and garden topics.

our history

Budge to Gadget is more than just a website. It’s a platform with a humble story, founded by indoor gardening experts who are passionate about making a positive change in people’s lives. We share our expertise and gather real-life experiences to help our broad audience find creative ways to improve their home decor. From bedrooms to kitchens, bathrooms to porches and hallways, our experts have a wealth of unlimited options to share, inspiring you to transform your living spaces. 

editorial policy

At Budge to Gadget, our team of writers and editors is dedicated to providing authoritative and trustworthy content. We strive to create accurate, well-researched, original, and unbiased content, free from conflict and misinformation. Our commitment to you, our audience, is to ensure that you can rely on us for trustworthy and reliable content.
With the help of our dedicated fact-checking team, our content always stands out as the most accurate, up-to-date, and highest-quality information you can find. We are committed to ensuring that you, our audience, can rely on us for trustworthy and reliable content. As a bonus, our content is handwritten and created by humans for humans, so forget about finding generic information created by tools such as chatbots. We see AI as a powerful tool to add to our writings, but because it can give unreleased information, using it is avoided in Gadge to budget, so because we want always to provide the highest quality content written by humans for humans, it’s against our guidelines to publish any automatically generated content using artificial intelligence. read more …


At Budge to Gadget, we take the accuracy of our content seriously. We are going to have a team of professionals and experts in various fields, including home decoration, fashion, gardening, and houseplant care, who meticulously research all the information, facts, and statements in our content. This ensures that each piece of information presented in our articles is comprehensive and accurate and that everything written is well-sourced and up-to-date. Our fact-checking team’s expertise is instrumental in providing trustworthy and authoritative content to our loyal readers worldwide.

Accuracy and Corrections

At Budge to Gadget, we pledge to notify readers of any errors and fix them as soon as we find them. Whenever a major error is fixed, a note detailing the corrected content and its rationale will be appended to the story’s conclusion. Please let us know if you think we published a factual error, and we’ll look into it and make the necessary corrections or updates. Please send an email to [email protected] to report any potential factual errors.


When it comes to sources at Budge to Gadget, we always seek to add the most reliable, accurate, authoritative sources, so we seek the help of experts and specialists when it comes to sources, and with the help of the fact-checking team sources are well researched, confirmed, and accurate before adding it to our content.

Content Integrity 

At Budge to Gadget, we’ve made a promise that every content produced by us should be the most accurate t, trustworthy n, and original content there is, so with the help of experts and specialists all over the world, we are proud of what we r producing and giving to our audience 

we constantly work on using original images, photos, pictures, illustrations, and graphics created by Budge to gadget team of digital design editors, and some of our work will make us need to work with some outsiders and specialists in different fields to sum up, short, the integrity and trustworthiness is our primary goal here in at budge to Gadget,

and we are going to have a review board where the main character is unbias accurate, integrity, and complete of experts and expertise; we expect all contributors on the network to abide by all applicable laws, standards, and accepted journalistic practices, including:


product testing

Our team at Budge to Gadget is always on a search for the latest products and brands; we always recommend the most tested and chosen products by experts and specialists because there is nothing better than a product that an expert has tested, so the product is recommended been selected with care
we strive to be honest and accurate about the products we recommend. We may purchase every product in the future to test it on our own, but we will have all these products for free. That won’t affect the honesty, accuracy, and unbiasedness of our recommendations, so we promise that we will provide honest, unbiased recommendations and expertly tested products so you, our dear reader, can be happy with each of the content we are providing you.

Meet Our Team

kahla akram


kahla Akram

writer , Interior designer

CEO, Founder
Kahla Akram is a professional home decorator, interior designer, and master gardener writer. He is also a seasoned expert horticulturist…Read More
peter beales

Meet Our GARDENING & PLANT CARE Review Boards

Peter Beales

member of the american horticultural society, master gardener

Having grown and propagated fruits, vegetables, herbs and ornamentals for thirty years, Peter Beales is a Master Gardener, Herbalist, Beekeeper….Read More
Albert Hadley

Meet Our home decor Review Boards

Albert Hadley

interior design and home decor expert

albert Hadley is a writer who loves decorating his home and his many clients; Albert is an expert in Interior Design, home decor…Read More