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Hey there! Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to give your bedroom a fresh, new look. If your bedroom feels a bit old or boring after the long winter, a little change can make it exciting and cozy again. Here are some easy and fun ways to refresh your bedroom this summer, based on things I’ve actually tried and enjoyed!

  1. Hang lightweight fabric from the ceiling above your bed.
  2. Use fairy lights around the fabric for a magical effect.
  3. Secure the fabric with decorative hooks or curtain rods.

DIY Canopy (01)

DIY Canopy (02)

DIY Canopy (03)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Install Floating Shelves
  1. Place them above your bed or along a wall.
  2. Display books, small plants, or decorative items.
  3. Use different shelf lengths and styles for an eclectic look.

Floating Shelves (01)

Floating Shelves (02)

Floating Shelves (03)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Add a Statement Piece
  1. Choose a bold piece of furniture like a vintage dresser or unique chair.
  2. Repaint or refurbish an old piece to make it stand out.
  3. Place it in a prominent spot to draw attention.

Statement Piece (01)

Statement Piece (02)

Statement Piece (03)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Use Removable Wall Decals
  1. Choose decals that match your theme or personal style.
  2. Apply them to create patterns or accent areas.
  3. Easily change them whenever you want a new look.

Ultra Rare Pin

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Create a Gallery Wall
  1. Mix and match frames of different sizes and colors.
  2. Include photos, artwork, and inspirational quotes.
  3. Plan the layout on the floor before hanging them.

Gallery Wall (01)

Gallery Wall (02)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Incorporate a Chalkboard Wall
  1. Paint one wall or a section with chalkboard paint.
  2. Use it for notes, doodles, or a calendar.
  3. Regularly update it with new designs and reminders.
Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Design a Mood Board
  1. Pin up fabric swatches, photos, and inspirational items.
  2. Use a corkboard or a large frame with string and clips.
  3. Change the board regularly to reflect your current interests.

Mood Board

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Install Under-Bed Lighting
  1. Use LED strips along the underside of your bed.
  2. Choose color-changing lights for different moods.
  3. Control the lights with a remote for convenience.

Under-Bed Lighting (01)

Under-Bed Lighting (02)

Do you live in a small apartment? 

Living in small spaces doesn’t mean you give up on the idea of having amazing decor; as a start, you can add a plant. It is truly a simple thing, but it can make a huge difference…

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Create a Travel-Inspired Theme
  1. Decorate with maps, travel photos, and souvenirs.
  2. Use suitcases for storage or as bedside tables.
  3. Hang a world map and mark the places you’ve visited.

Travel-Inspired Decor (01)

Travel-Inspired Decor (02)

Travel-Inspired Decor (03)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Create a Make a Bohemian Corner
  1. Use floor cushions, a patterned rug, and a low table.
  2. Add hanging plants and macramé wall hangings.
  3. Incorporate colorful throws and pillows.

Bohemian Corner (01)

Bohemian Corner (02)

Bohemian Corner (03)

Hang a Fabric Wall Tapestry
  1. Select a tapestry that matches your room’s theme.
  2. Hang it above the bed or on a large empty wall.
  3. Change it seasonally or when you want a new look.

Fabric Wall Tapestry (01)

Fabric Wall Tapestry (02)

Fabric Wall Tapestry (03)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Create a Vintage Vibe
  1. Incorporate antique or vintage furniture pieces.
  2. Use vintage-inspired decor like old clocks or suitcases.
  3. Add lace or floral-patterned fabrics for a nostalgic touch.

Vintage Item (01)

Vintage Item (02)

Vintage Item (03)

Want your bedroom to feel cozy and relaxing?? 

The bedroom should be our sanctuary for relaxation and peace, yet sometimes our decor can add to our stress instead of relieving it ……

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Set Up a Vanity Area
  1. Use a small table or desk as a vanity.
  2. Add a mirror with good lighting and organize your makeup.
  3. Keep accessories and beauty products neatly arranged.

Vanity Area (01)

Vanity Area (02)

Vanity Area (03)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Incorporate Textured Elements
  1. Use textured wallpaper or wall panels for a focal point.
  2. Add a variety of fabrics like velvet, silk, and linen in your bedding.
  3. Place textured rugs or throws to add depth and warmth.

Textured Elements (01)

Textured Elements (02)

Textured Elements (03)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Create an Art Corner
  1. Set up an easel or a small desk for drawing or painting.
  2. Organize art supplies in bins or on shelves.
  3. Display your artwork around the area for inspiration.

Artistic Decoration (01)

Artistic Decoration (02)

Artistic Decoration (03)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Add a Scent Diffuser
  1. Choose an essential oil diffuser for a calming atmosphere.
  2. Select scents like lavender or eucalyptus for relaxation.
  3. Place it on a nightstand or shelf for easy access.

Scent Diffuser (01)

Scent Diffuser (02)

Scent Diffuser (03)

Want to add a touch of whimsy and happiness to your life?

Many people are unaware of a decor style called whimsical decor—a type of decoration that revolves around fun, randomness, and spreading happiness……

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Add a Repaint the Walls
  1. Choose a fresh color that reflects your style.
  2. Gather your supplies: paint, brushes, rollers.
  3. Clear the room and cover furniture, then start painting.
Update Your Bedding
  1. Pick out new sheets, comforters, and pillows in a fun pattern.
  2. Choose a mix of textures for added coziness.
  3. Make the bed with your new set and enjoy the fresh feel.

Bedding Set (01)

Bedding Set (02)

Bedding Set (03)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Declutter and Organize
  1. Sort items into keep, donate, and toss piles.
  2. Use baskets, bins, and shelves to organize remaining items.
  3. Keep surfaces clear and store things out of sigh

Room Organizer (01)

Room Organizer (02)

Room Organizer (03)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Add a Feature Wall
  1. Pick a wall to accent with bold paint or wallpaper.
  2. Gather your materials and prep the wall.
  3. Apply your design, stepping back to admire the transformation.

Feature Wall (01)

Feature Wall (02)

Feature Wall (03)

Summer is coming,
and sleeping will become more difficult

If you’re someone who can’t sleep without being wrapped up, you need to choose the right bedding set so you can…

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Upgrade Lighting
  1. Replace outdated fixtures with modern ones.
  2. Add a dimmer switch for adjustable lighting.
  3. Consider smart bulbs for customizable ambiance.

Better Lights (01)

Better Lights (02)

Better Lights (03)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Introduce Greenery
  1. Pick out a few easy-care plants.
  2. Place them around the room for a natural touch.
  3. Water regularly and enjoy the fresh vibe.

Bedroom HousePlant (01)

Bedroom HousePlant (02)

Bedroom HousePlant (03)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Change the Curtains or Blinds
  1. Choose new curtains or blinds that match your decor.
  2. Measure your windows to ensure a perfect fit.
  3. Install your new window treatments and let the light in.

Curtains And Blinds (01)

Curtains And Blinds (02)

Curtains And Blinds (03)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Install a Headboard
  1. Find a headboard that suits your style and bed size.
  2. Attach it securely to the wall or bed frame.
  3. Add pillows to create a cozy, inviting look.

Bedroom Headboard (01)

Bedroom Headboard (02)

Bedroom Headboard (03)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Create a Reading Nook
  1. Find a comfy chair and a good lamp.
  2. Add a small table for your books and a cozy throw blanket.
  3. Arrange it all in a quiet corner for your new favorite spot.

Reading Nook (01)

Reading Nook (02)

Reading Nook (03)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Replace or Rearrange Furniture
  1. Move furniture around to create a fresh layout.
  2. Consider replacing old pieces with multifunctional ones.
  3. Step back and see how the new arrangement feels.

Better Furniture (01)

Better Furniture (02)

Better Furniture (03)

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Hang Artwork or Photos
  1. Choose your favorite art or photos.
  2. Arrange them on the floor first to find the best layout.
  3. Hang them up, making sure they’re level.

Artwork (01)

Artwork (02)

Artwork (03)

Incorporate Mirrors
  1. Choose a large mirror or several small ones.
  2. Hang them where they’ll reflect light and open up the space.
  3. Clean them regularly to keep them sparkling.

Mirrors (01)

Mirrors (02)

Mirrors (03)

Plants are the new pets.

Having a houseplant in your bedroom is one of the best decisions you can make. It improves air quality and adds a natural touch to your space.

Best Ideas For Home Bedroom Refresh Add a Rug
  1. Pick a rug that complements your room’s colors.
  2. Position it under the bed or in a seating area.
  3. Smooth it out and enjoy the added warmth and texture.

Rug (01)

Rug (02)

Rug (03)

Personalize with Accessories
  1. Choose decorative items like candles, vases, and throw pillows that reflect your style.
  2. Arrange them on shelves, nightstands, and dressers.
  3. Swap them out seasonally for a fresh look.
Upgrade Your Mattress
  1. Research and select a mattress that fits your comfort needs.
  2. Remove the old mattress and set up the new one.
  3. Let it expand (if needed), then make the bed and enjoy better sleep.

Mattress (01)

Mattress (02)

Mattress (03)

Refresh Your Nightstands
  1. Clear off and declutter your nightstands.
  2. Add a stylish lamp, a good book, and a small plant or decorative item.
  3. Keep essentials handy but organized for a neat and tidy look.

Start considering upgrading your surroundings.

Did you know that what you see last before you close your eyes can affect the quality of your dreams? What if the last thing you saw was an ugly, sad nightstand?

Frequently Asked Questions

How to give your bedroom a refresh?

To give your bedroom a refresh, try rearranging furniture, updating bedding and decor, adding plants for a pop of greenery, and decluttering for a cleaner look.

How can I make my bedroom look fresh?

You can make your bedroom look fresh by adding new bedding, incorporating pops of color with throw pillows or artwork, and bringing in natural light with sheer curtains or mirrors.

How to freshen up a bedroom?

To freshen up a bedroom, consider painting the walls a new color, deep cleaning carpets or floors, organizing clutter, and adding inviting scents with candles or essential oil diffusers.

How to refresh a room?

Refresh a room by changing the layout, updating textiles like curtains or rugs, adding personal touches like photos or artwork, and bringing in natural elements like plants or flowers for a lively atmosphere.